Leadership Refresher from a 4-Year Old

Author:  Laiza N. Otero, MSOD, Organization Development Consultant

Our actions and words matter, at all times. And unless we walk around like an annotated book, everyone we encounter will interpret our actions and words differently according to their mental frameworks of the world.  Furthermore, others’ interpretations go beyond what we say or do to what we do not say and do not do.  Given this, it is critical that we check-in with each other to ensure or create a shared understanding of what is happening around and among us — especially in our roles as leaders, whether at work, community, or home.

As a leader, we explicitly and implicitly set the tone, culture, and norms of our organizations.  Others take their cues from us as to what behavior is permissible or not, often times without us even realizing what is happening.  That was the case last December with my 4-year old daughter. Continue reading